November 10th – 12th, Greensboro NC

Ignite. Imagine. Innovate.”

FRC is our Fall Regional Conference, and the biggest stage you’ll see NSBE on besides Annual Convention, which is also in Region II this year! With our theme of “Ignite. Imagine. Innovate.” there are a lot of opportunities this year for professional development, networking, furthering your engineering career, as well as personal development as a young Black professional. Most of all, FRC will be culturally relevant this year. We will be answering the question: How can you use NSBE as both a resource and a student-led movement? FRC is your opportunity to show us exactly where you want NSBE to go next.



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Below are all Competitions for FRC. Check this page often for updates and competition registration openings. Click on the image for registration.



The Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) is a competition designed to showcase the NSBE members’ skills in technical writing, theoretical research, and poster presentation and incorporates two tracks: Preliminary and Showcase. TRE is held during Fall Regional Conference and Annual Convention this year, and is judged by technical professionals.


Art of Technical Communication

In collaboration with STEMedia Inc., The Art of Technical Communication (ATC) is designed to showcase NSBE members’ technical experiences through creative mediums such as poetry, art, multimedia, and more. This interdisciplinary competition challenges future engineers to develop innovative and imaginative techniques to express their knowledge of STEM, and bring awareness to their unique experiences in STEM.


Academic Tech BowlThe objective of the Academic Technical Bowl is to encourage and showcase Academic Excellence and understanding of the fundamental principles of engineering covered in the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE/EIT) Examination. The competition will include a Quiz Bowl, which will be in a “Jeopardy!” style game show format. Questions cover a wide variety of topics, from general engineering and science curricula from the FE/EIT to NSBE history. Each team will consist of four members and one alternate, who shall represent their NSBE Chapter.